Peter Dubovsky Award


Cena Petra DubovskéhoThe year 2011 was an exceptionally successful for Robert. He was the backbone and driving force of behind under-21 national team and he also made his mark in his club, 1. FC Nuremberg. All this earned him first place in a poll of the best under-21 footballer in Slovakia for the Peter Dubovsky Award. He finished ahead of Filip Kiss and Milan Lalkovič, teammates and friends in the national under-21 team. "I am delighted to have won this award. It’s recognition of my hard work.” Robert said after collecting the trophy. “I always try to do my best on the field, whether in practices or matches, with the national team or in the club. So far, my career has been moving forward just as I imagined.”
A year later he won the trophy again, again as captain of the national under-21 team where he played most of the qualifying matches. "It’s certainly a nice feeling. It’s always more difficult to defend a title, so I'm grateful to have done it,” he said after defending his trophy. “It’s my greatest achievement in football so far and I was extremely happy that I did it. This is my last trophy in this category. I hope more rewards will come, and the more of them the better, and I’m also going to be one time reaching for the most valuable one."